Au revior Praha

You’ve been great! Stay beautiful.

I wandered down to a cafe I’d eaten in previously. Not because it was good but because I knew they could speak English and they had what I wanted. Which was mushrooms and beans and eggs. Albeit, not good eggs. And horrific coffee. But you go with what you know. So I did.

An it took me 20 minutes for find the place that I knew. Streets of Prague look fairly similar sometimes. And I totally walked past it as well.

2014-07-24 12.18.41

But being my last meal in Prague, I wanted something before I ventured out to another country. Something unknown. And eating on a train, although I love the option of the trolley dollys, there’s not always a vegetarian option.

2014-07-24 12.11.36

Afterwards, I turtled my way through the Prague underground today. My god. My bags. Honestly. I’ve got a problem. I’ve managed to establish a right proper ballast system though. Everything has a place. If something is missing, I can’t walk properly.

The main train station in Prague is wonderful. It’s big, it’s populated, it’s busy, it’s efficient, it’s well maintained, it’s clean, it’s easy to navigate, it’s a destination. You can’t say that about rail stations everywhere.

Underneath the inter-city station is a metro station. Holy shit. Hold the phones! Adelaide’s central station is nowhere near the Keswick intercity station. It’s almost 2 miles away. In fact, Adelaide doesn’t even have an easy to use public transportation system so you’re often having to catch a taxi to Keswick to get your train at 7am. And I know it’s a long way from anywhere, but the train to Melbourne is at 7am. That’s 7 in the morning. When no bus could possibly get you there on time and the nearest metro train station closed 8 years ago. Whatever. I’m off point. Well. This post anyway.

2014-07-24 13.47.13

I’m on a train headed for, somewhere. Ultimate destination, somewhere e   lse. I’ve 2 train changes to get there though so that ought be hilarious.


The toilet system is confusing. Sometimes, and I guess it’s train specific, you just wee into the train tracks. Like, it’s just a funnel into nothing. I guess you’re not meant to do number twos. Or use toilet paper. But often (fact) you realise too late after you’ve flushed and the trap door has opened. Why have toilet paper then? I don’t understand. Brain pain.

2014-07-24 13.42.41

And then the rest of the time, it’s just gross anyway. It’s hard to not say ew or gross or yuk every time you need to evacuate anything.

The train carriages are booth styles. Which, I didn’t like initially. It was in my mind a waste of space. Something that seats just 8 pax max, could surely be arranged in a more efficient maximising manner.

But there’s the thing. Trains run all the time. Regularly. They’re a viable and profitable form of mass transportation and when people have to travel a distance (hell any distance) this makes it comfortable and with an aura of privacy. You can sit in a group or join a group. It’s great. And if the trains full, you just wait 10 mins for the next one.

2014-07-24 13.54.33

It makes you not feel like you’re in a cattle truck heading to a slaughter.

And something that makes total sense to me, you can drink alcohol on them. Shocking, I know. Imagine being treated like an adult on a train! This former communist government…

2014-07-24 13.56.20

But on a total serious note, wtf Australia? People travel regularly from Melbourne to Euchuca and your laws mean they can’t satiate a desire for a beer over the 4-6 hour journey (times vary depending on which part of the track is closed for maintenance). Those commuters are probably the most responsible people to be able to drink on trains and I’m going to go out on a limb and say it increases binge drinking statistics by denying them. French kids and wine and all the other buzz words people use to justify drinking.